'Broque Monsieur'
Broque Monsieur
'Full Name' Broque Monsieur
'First Appearance' Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story (2009)
'Species' Living Block
'Affiliation(s)' Broggy, Blitties, Bowser, Broque Madame (formerly)

Broque Monsieur is a block character speaking English with a thick French accent and able to speak French itself. According to the Japanese official site, he is the Mushroom Kingdom's leading block collector; he is also a collector of block-shaped kittens called Blitties. Broque Monsieur owns a block-shaped dog named Broggy, and manages a store where Bowser can shop at to get healing items. In the Japanese version of the game, he speaks the language clearly.

He is first shown to be stuck on an island while Bowser walks past. He yells for Bowser's help, who only does it for a prize offered by Broque, the Vacuum Block. Broque tells Bowser to grab the rope and pull. At first, Bowser cannot pull the island any closer, but with the help of Mario and Luigi on the inside of his arms, he pulls the island back to the shore. Broque then fights Bowser to help him master the Vacuum Block technique.

He is shown in a battle against Bowser. He explains the "vacuum" command to Bowser. He fights by using items he gets out of ? Blocks. Sometimes he uses a Mushroom to recover 30 HP and sometimes he uses a Mega Mushroom and makes himself giant. To counter Broque's colossal attack, the player has to make Bowser punch Broque just as he's about to ram into him. Doing this will make Broque's body be knocked far away from the battle field. While Broque's body is trying to get to his head, Bowser can punch it for extra coins. When being battled, he rotates his head to make himself look more fierce.

During Giant Bowser's first battle(in Dimble Wood), Broque is seen with Broggy, continuously saying "Big! Oui, so big!"

Much later in the game, after Dark Bowser casts his dark spell on the Mushroom Kingdom, he's shown in a bubble with several Toads.

Broque also runs his own shop where he sells items for Bowser. He also has some shops around the Mushroom Kingdom in the shape of a block. He owns two different shops. One for gear, mained by Broggy, and one for items such as Syrup. Through the block-shaped shops called "Shop Blocks", Broque Monsieur can release "Negative Ions" to heal Bowser completely at the cost of 10 coins, much like Royal Mushroom Tea for Mario and Luigi.

Broque Monsieur 2
Broque Monsieur
Location(s) Plack Beach
HP 158
Power 27
Defense 27
Speed 24
Experience 30
Coins 0
Items Mushroom
Gear None
Related Broque Madame, Broggy, Blitties