The Complete map of Chakroads.

The Chakroads are special portals located across the Mushroom Kingdom that are described as "gateways to special waves that flow to earth from outer space." The King of the Koopas, Bowser, uses there portals to warp to different locations throughout the course of the game. Bowser first encounters a Chakroad in the Cavi Cape after being prompted to smash a rock by a mysterious voice telepathically connected to Bowser's mind. After uncovering the first Chakroad, the voice explains that these portals can be used by Bowser to travel to places he has already visited (and discovered the respective Chakroad for), doing so through the power of his mind and memory. Chakroads can be found under objects such as rocks, which can be destroyed with a punch, or trees, which can be burned away by fire. It is later revealed the Chakroads are connected to the sage known as Chakron, likely given his own connection to outer space after meditating on the stars for a thousand years.