Drillbit Crab
Drillbit Crab
Location(s) Plack Beach
HP 115
Power 60
Defense 65
Speed 55
Experience 240
Coins 45
Items Super Mushroom
Gear Big Shell
Related None

A Drillbit Crab is a crab-like enemy with a drill as a shell found in Plank Beach. Bowser can simply walk into them to defeat them, but the Mario Bros. have to battle them head-on, being careful not to use any jump attacks (due to the drill). In battle, the Drillbit Crab will lean towards the direction of the bro its going to attack. It may move straight into the bro with its drill. This attack needs to be countered with the hammer. Its other attack consists of drilling underground and trying to hit a bro. It will then protrude its drill and move sideways, trying to attack both bros. This attack needs to be countered with a jump. These enemies may sometimes be paired with Pendrils.