'Location(s) ' Flab Zone
'HP' 45
'Power' 25
'Defense' 27
'Speed' 30
'Experience' 30
'Coins' 12
'Items' 1-Up Mushroom
'Gear' None
'Related' None

Tenderlings are living pieces of meat that Mario and Luigi face inside Bowser's Body in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story encountered in the Flab Zone. They attack by rolling at one of the Mario brothers, jumping while spinning before they strike. Tenderlings can also jump over the plumbers, causing damage if they jump instead of standing still. Tenderlings will do this attack if they jump higher and spin faster than they would before a normal attack. If eaten by a Calorite, they will become another Calorite.

If just one of Nutsoglobin's questions is answered wrong, a Tenderling falls out of a pipe nearby and will have to be battled.