'Location(s) Plack Beach
'HP' 28
'Power' 30
'Defense' 42
'Speed' 12
'Experience' 18
'Coins' 5
'Items' Hot Drumstick, TNT Drumstick
'Gear' None
'Related' Pokey

Toothies are Pokeys made entirely out of teeth, encountered in Plank Beach. They attack by charging at the player. Or, if they have no body, they summon a Blue Virus with a spear in their mouth and have it charge at the player. Toothies can also rebuild their bodies. Dealing damage to their bodies does not cause damage, however dealing damage to the head will. With one Hammer swing or Bowser's punch, the player can wipe out the entire body, leaving the head stuck in the ground. If Bowser inhales the teeth that make up Toothy's body, he can increase his defense. Bowser's flame will not do any damage or take out a Toothy's body. They appear very similar to Mario & Luigi: Partners in Times Skellokey.